Long Beach Women’s & Children’s Medical Clinic

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm
  Contact : (562) 624-1111

New Patients

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Looking for an experienced office with a friendly staff to guide you through your pregnancy?  We would love to take care of you during such this special time.

Our prenatal care provider in the office is Dr. Mayra Contreras while our providers assisting in deliveries are Dr. Ha Son Nguyen and Dr. Narender Bhatia.  We coordinate all deliveries at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center because of its close proximity to Miller Children’s Hospital of Long Beach. Once your baby has arrived and while in the hospital , they will be evaluated with great care by our pediatrician, Dr.  Solomon Laktineh.  Dr.  Laktineh will continue providing care to your child in his office as his or her pediatrician once your baby goes home.

Did you just find out you are pregnant?  Please call our office today to schedule an appointment for your new pregnancy. Your first appointment with Dr. Mayra Contreras will be scheduled at approximately 7-8 weeks gestation and is based on your last menstrual period.

  • Feel free to print out the History & Physical Form for you to complete and bring on your first visit.

If you are already seeing a doctor for your pregnancy but would like to transfer care to our office, please call our office and we will walk you through the following process:

  1. For your safety prior to transferring, your prenatal records MUST be reviewed by Dr. Contreras.
  2. To do so, please print and complete the following Medical Release Form and Request for Medical Records. This form should be presented to your current OB provider so that they may forward your prenatal records to our office via fax at (562)624-1115 or if you prefer, you can request a copy in person and bring your records to our office.

Upon review of your prenatal records, if you are considered a low-risk pregnancy AND do not have a lapse in your prenatal care, we would love to see you for the duration of your pregnancy and delivery.  Upon review of your records, we will call you and schedule your 1st appointment.

Long Beach Women and Children Medical Clinic