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Well Care 4 – 6 Years

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the terrible twos, mastered potty training and your child has grown into an energetic and enthusiastic individual ready to become part of a larger social group, the classroom. During this stage your child is scheduled to receive the immunizations listed below and a physical exam.


Growth and Development
Decisions, decisions, decisions. At this stage in life, allow your child the freedom to make some small choices on their own. Allowing them to maybe pick out what outfit they would like to wear or which color shoes they prefer enhances their sense of independence. Make it simple though, offer two or three choices as too many choices can be overwhelming. In preparation for school, encourage your child to share with others and consistently stop negative behavior immediately. By setting limits and rules your child will become familiarized with what will be acceptable once they begin school.

If your child has already started school, at this age they are able to write their name, write several words and perform simple math calculations. Your child is able to express his or her feelings and looks to you for reassurance and guidance. Encourage respect and kindness towards others and get to know your child’s friends and families.